27. 7. 2011


Prepare for cold winter with this imperial blue look. Do you know how to impress when you have to wear big coats and big boots when it's outside freezing? It's pretty simple! Impress with your make-up! The whole look is inspired by winter frozen Russia. Big eye make-up deserves dark eyebrow! Inside black eyeliner highlights your eye and turquoise color. For cold bright up look of eyes and whole face use Brighting concealer HD from Make-Up For Ever. Eyeshadows are available in Sephora stores. I was inspired a lot by peacock feather for eye make-up, which seems to me as very royal. I like to make up asian eyes. ;)
Make-up artist (ME) and Miss Fitness Phuong Anh Doan

Inspiration was feather of peacock, Orient and Imperial blue
Used products from Sephora
Backstage of this fabulous photoshoot

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  1. I love your work :X Delas i TFP?
    kdyz tak napis na thuy.pham@seznam.cz