31. 8. 2011

This Is What 80's Look Like

1980's as you remember them! Vinyl records, big curly hair and most importantly: NEON EYES! Inspired by Cindy Laupers' Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Look! Don't be afraid of pink, purple and all neon colors.. as you put them on you'll find out that you have them under your skin! For real 80's look use only eyeliner that is as black as vinyl record is! I used cream eye shadows Illusion D'Ombre from CHANEL for eye make-up and I fell in love with these cream eye shadows and I recommend all six shades, pink eyeshadow is classic from Make-Up For Ever.

2 komentáře:

  1. This is what I call HOT and GLAM :)

  2. Becase it was made by me! I'm looking forward to some future projects together.