6. 9. 2011

Exclusive pictures from backstage of new sexy calender in style of Audrey Hepburn

I'm working with the best czech hairdressers, stylists, photographer and mainly great model Hana Svobodova on sexy calende, which will be out in December 2011. Take a look at products on first photo, which I used to give birth to Audrey Hepburn in 2011. It wouldn't be perfect without fake lashes from Make Up For Ever, new eyeliner from YSL which I  absolutely love, as well together with new cream eye shadows from Chanel and palette smoky eyes from Make Up Forever. All presented pictures from shooting are from my personal iphone. ;) 

 Hanka on old bicycle in Park Grebovka.
Le Palais hotel suite. Pumps are from Guess. :) 
I just can't wait for this luxury calender! I'm so lucky that I can be part of this amazing project as main make-up artist.

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  1. http://www.super.cz/4579-uchvatne-maresova-milenka-hanka-svobodova-predvedla-sve-nekonecne-dlouhe-nohy-jen-v-panske-kosili.html